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Lambda Sensor

Art-Nr: 884516060

Supplier: TRISCAN
Lambda Sensor TRISCAN 884516060
Lambda Sensor TRISCAN 884516060 2
Lambda Sensor TRISCAN 884516060 3
Lambda Sensor TRISCAN 884516060 main

Product info

Overall Length [mm]:
750 mm
Number of circuits:
Lambda Control
Lambda Sensor
Sensor/ Probe
Engine Electrics
Item Number:

Additional info


Good service and well executed repairs lead to happy and satisfied car owners - and it starts with Triscan!

Our goal is to provide our customers and end users with the best products, service and not least experience when buying one of our products. And to emphasize this, we have chosen to expand both our warranty AND guarantee from the current 2 years to now 3 years.

triscan warranty badge

By choosing Triscan you choose a quality product and an extended warranty as well as guaranteed extra security

Guarantee and warranty are two words that are often used interchangeably and are subject to misunderstanding. Many are even of the opinion that they are one and the same thing – but they are not.

WARRANTY - Statutory
Transfers that are made between companies are exclusively covered by a specific warranty (immediate-complaint). This means that the buyer immediately and without delay must complain if he wishes to assert a defect.

In transactions between businesses and consumers on the other hand - for example, a workshop and a car owner - the matter is quite different. Here, the buyer has a legal right to complain about defects in a product within the first 2 years after purchase. This 2-year warranty applies to all products - new and used.

Triscan offers its customers a 3-year warranty – thus, as a customer of Triscan you have excellent warranty conditions compared to what is required by law.

GUARANTEE - voluntarily
When it comes to guarantees, the rule for companies and individuals the same. Offering your customers a guarantee is entirely/completely voluntary. A guarantee is therefore "something extra" and acts as a supplement to your statutory rights. As a customer, you can therefore not demand a guarantee, as is often mistakenly believed.

Is it fair? Not quite, we believe – and therefore it has always been common for us to offer our customers a guarantee. We have now decided to expand our previous 2-year guarantee to 3 years.

In short: By choosing Triscan you not only choose a quality product - you also get an extended warranty and guarantee as an added security.


To imagine avoiding all claims is probably wishful thinking. But would it not be nice if there was a way you could reduce the number significantly? At Triscan we know that it is possible! With our experience from our efforts to ensure proper timing belt replacement in the luggage, we are now ready to launch our new concept - Smartrep.info.

This label indicates that the installing of this spare part needs extra attention.

Attract attention
Our efforts to ensure correct installation of the timing belt have made one thing clear, steering attention to the pitfalls of the assembly process can make the problems all but disappear.
Going forward, we want to create awareness for the potential pitfalls of all product groups, where this is relevant, just like we did for the problematic timing belt kits. With Smartrep.info we will make it easy to get it right.

This is how we do it
Parts that require special attention during assembly, will be provided with a clear label on the packaging. The label is in addition to a warning triangle also provided with a website address - www.smartrep.info - and a QR code that when scanned goes directly to the website. On the website's home page, enter the item number from the product's bar code label. If special tools are required, this will be clearly noted on the label on the packaging as well as in the assembly instructions.

All parts where the cause of the complaint can be attributed to mounting errors will now be provided with a clear label on the packaging.

Download a free app to scan QR codes with your smartphone, tablet or PC and you're going

This is how the website looks like. Here you simply enter the item number as shown on the barcode label of the packaging

A huge advantage for all parties
The benefits of Smartrep.info are clear

  • Fitters are being giving valuable information
  • The number of complaints are reduced
  • The relationship between the car owner-> garage-> wholesaler> Triscan is not burdened unnecessarily
  • More satisfied customers
With Smartrep.info Triscan has created an opportunity to stand out amongst competitors. We look forward to exploit the full potential of this together with our customers - for the benefit of car owners, workshops, wholesalers and ourselves of course.

It is relatively few - and mostly the same parts in a product group - which account for the vast majority of complaints. The causes typically fall into three categories - one that is difficult to control - and two that can be influenced.

The first category, which is difficult to do anything about, are parts that are poorly designed by the original car manufacturers. As Triscan supplies spare parts in OE quality, parts that fall into this category often have the same weaknesses as the vehicle manufacturers' own aftermarket parts. Those are typically well known amongst workshops. Exceptions are parts where it is possible to make improvements without changing the part's basic design. Examples of parts improved by Triscan are, for example, water pumps where gaskets and bearings have been revived or track control arms where the rubber bearings have been improved.

The next category, which, unlike the one above, is easy to influence, is the quality. That is exactly why quality assurance work has always been a priority here at Triscan. The result of these efforts can clearly be seen in the development of the percentage of complaints, which, despite having always been at a low level, is steadily declining.

The third and last category, which is also relatively easy to influence (but unfortunately accounts for the vast majority of causes for complaints), are parts for which the assembly requires special attention and in some cases, special tools. But in a joint effort – between mechanics, wholesalers and Triscan – we can effectively influence this category, and exactly that is the aim of smartrep.info.

8845 16060
8845 16060
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)B7DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II VanB7DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II VanM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II VanM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II VanM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDC-MAX II VanM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)JTJAPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)JTJBPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFIESTA VI VanJTJAPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFIESTA VI VanJTJBPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFIESTA VIJTJAPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFIESTA VIJTJBPetrol1.6182hp134kw2013-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM1DCPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM2DBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackSFDAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body / HatchbackSFDBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM1DCPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM2DBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateSFDAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III Box Body/EstateSFDBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM1DCPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM2DBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonSFDAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III SaloonSFDBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM1DCPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM2DBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierSFDAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS III TurnierSFDBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM1DCPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM2DBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIIM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIISFDAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDFOCUS IIISFDBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)B3DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)B7DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)M2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanB3DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanB7DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanM1DAPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanM1DDPetrol1.0125hp92kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanM2DAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDGRAND C-MAX VanM2DCPetrol1.0100hp74kw2012-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT BoxB3GAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT BoxM2GAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT BoxM2GBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT V408 BoxB3GAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT V408 BoxM2GAPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now
FORDTRANSIT CONNECT V408 BoxM2GBPetrol1.0100hp74kw2013-now


Lambda Sensor BOSCH 0258010355BOSCHLambda SensorBOSCHArt-Nr: 0258010355Overall Length [mm]: 775 mmConductor Number: 4 conductorRecommended replace interval [km]: 250000 km
VAT inc.
Available: 10Special OrderHandling time: About 3 working daysHT: About 3 working daysHandling time: About 3 working daysHT: About 3 working days
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no imageFORDSensor AssyFORDArt-Nr: CV619G444CBSupplied by: Ford Europe
VAT inc.
Special OrderHandling time: 15-25 working daysHT: 15-25 working days
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Lambda Sensor SKV Germany 09SKV909SKV GermanyLambda SensorSKV GermanyArt-Nr: 09SKV909Resistance [Ohm]: 9 OhmWeight [kg]: 0.09 kgNumber of circuits: 4Voltage [V]: 12 VOperating Mode: Electric
VAT inc.
Available: 3Special OrderHandling time: 5-7 working daysHT: 5-7 working daysHandling time: About 60 working daysHT: About 60 working days
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Lambda Sensor MEAT & DORIA 81855MEAT & DORIALambda SensorMEAT & DORIAArt-Nr: 81855for OE number: CV61-9G444-CBLambda Sensor: Diagnostic ProbeConductor Number: 4 conductorCable Length [mm]: 640 mmExhaust System: Post-catalyst
VAT inc.
Available: 2Special OrderHandling time: About 10 working daysHT: About 10 working daysHandling time: About 30 working daysHT: About 30 working days
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no imageMAGNETI MARELLILambda SensorMAGNETI MARELLIArt-Nr: 466016355169
VAT inc.
Available: 10+Available: 10+Special OrderHandling time: About 7 working daysHT: About 7 working daysHandling time: About 15 working daysHT: About 15 working daysHandling time: About 30 working daysHT: About 30 working days
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no imageVEMOLambda SensorVEMOArt-Nr: V25-76-0045Connector Shape: RoundLength [mm]: 800 mmNumber of Poles: 5 -pin connectorOverall Length [mm]: 830 mmThread Size: M18 x 1,5Additional Info: Brake components such as brake disks, brake pads, etc., checked with regard to clearance and the wheel hub with, claims for brake parts are only reviewed with an, For brake disks and brake pads, the break-in requirements, If the vehicle is no longer in its original condition due to, In the warranty, we always make a distinction between wear, installation instructions., installation invoice and a record of the wheel hub run-out, Installation may only be carried out by trained specialist, maximum of 1000 km (break-in period). Therefore, warranty, measurement, including photos., parts and vehicle parts. All wear parts are subject to a, personnel., Please note that our products are usually delivered without, produced., Products supplied by us are without exception intended for, reduced warranty period and a maximum mileage., regard to wobble, and the appropriate documentation must be, specified by the vehicle manufacturer must be observed., the designated use., the entitlement to make warranty claims is lost due to, There is no guarantee for inappropriate, improper or, third-party work. The same warranty claims are lost if the, tuning work such as wheel accessories and tracking plates,, unintended use., vehicle is used for motor sports or similar events., When replacing brakes, the chassis components must always beLambda Sensor: Thread pre-greased
VAT inc.
Special OrderHandling time: About 30 working daysHT: About 30 working days
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no imageMEAT & DORIALambda SensorMEAT & DORIAArt-Nr: 81855ECable Length [mm]: 640 mmConductor Number: 4 conductorExhaust System: Post-catalystfor OE number: CV61-9G444-CBLambda Sensor: Diagnostic ProbeQuality: EQUIVALENT
VAT inc.
Available: 2Special OrderHandling time: About 10 working daysHT: About 10 working daysHandling time: About 30 working daysHT: About 30 working days
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Lambda Sensor DENSO DOX0150DENSOLambda SensorDENSOArt-Nr: DOX0150Cable Length [mm]: 750 mmNumber of Poles: 4 -pin connectorQuality: OEThread Size: M18x1.5Weight [g]: 93 gAdditional Info: 01 - Order No. 0 890 300 034), before fitting to enable, 08-432300-00 OE: 03L198151A, 4 year guarantee on MEYLE-HD parts, Aluminium module, auto AC, Cover glow plug thread and -shaft with mounting grease, (GKF, easier removal and prevent corrosion., for 910, , Product must be indentified on vehicle before fitting, Sensor Type:Planar O2, Slot Fit, Supplied until depletion, Type : JF, With spi oil seal, With taper fit
VAT inc.
Available: 5Handling time: About 2 working daysHT: About 2 working days
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