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Flange Yoke

Art-Nr: 231313

Supplier: VOLVO

Product info

Item Number:
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 19 APetrol2.090hp66kw1976-1979
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 19 APetrol2.097hp71kw1978-1983
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 19 EPetrol2.0101hp74kw1984-1993
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 19 ETPetrol2.0136hp100kw1982-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 19 KPetrol2.097hp71kw1978-1983
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 200 EPetrol2.0121hp89kw1984-1993
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 200 KPetrol2.0103hp76kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 APetrol2.1100hp74kw1975-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 APetrol2.1107hp79kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 APetrol2.198hp72kw1983-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 EPetrol2.1122hp90kw1974-1983
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 EPetrol2.1124hp91kw1975-1979
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 ETPetrol2.1155hp114kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 ETPetrol2.1156hp115kw1980-1985
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 21 FPetrol2.1109hp80kw1979-1981
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 23 APetrol2.3112hp82kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 23 EPetrol2.3133hp98kw1984-1989
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 23 EPetrol2.3136hp100kw1980-1983
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 23 EPetrol2.3140hp103kw1978-1980
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 23 FPetrol2.3136hp100kw1980-1983
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 230 APetrol2.3110hp81kw1984-1986
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 230 EPetrol2.3131hp96kw1983-1985
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 230 FPetrol2.3113hp83kw1986-1987
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 230 FPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1993
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 230 KPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1988
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 27 EPetrol2.7141hp104kw1979-1980
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)B 28 EPetrol2.8155hp114kw1982-1984
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)D 24Diesel2.479hp58kw1987-1993
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)D 24Diesel2.482hp60kw1978-1985
VOLVO240 (P242, P244)D 24Diesel2.483hp61kw1981-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 19 APetrol2.090hp66kw1976-1982
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 19 APetrol2.097hp71kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 19 ETPetrol2.0136hp100kw1982-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 19 KPetrol2.097hp71kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 200 KPetrol2.0103hp76kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 APetrol2.1100hp74kw1975-1980
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 APetrol2.1107hp79kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 EPetrol2.1122hp90kw1974-1983
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 ETPetrol2.1155hp114kw1980-1985
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 FPetrol2.1109hp80kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 21 FTPetrol2.1165hp121kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 23 APetrol2.3112hp82kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 23 EPetrol2.3133hp98kw1984-1988
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 23 EPetrol2.3136hp100kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 230 APetrol2.3110hp81kw1984-1986
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 230 EPetrol2.3131hp96kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 230 FPetrol2.3113hp83kw1986-1987
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 230 FPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1993
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 230 KPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1988
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 27 EPetrol2.7141hp104kw1979-1980
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 28 APetrol2.8129hp95kw1981-1982
VOLVO240 Break (P245)B 28 EPetrol2.8155hp114kw1980-1982
VOLVO240 Break (P245)D 20Diesel2.068hp50kw1978-1980
VOLVO240 Break (P245)D 24Diesel2.482hp60kw1979-1993
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 19 APetrol2.090hp66kw1976-1982
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 19 APetrol2.097hp71kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 19 ETPetrol2.0136hp100kw1982-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 19 KPetrol2.097hp71kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 200 KPetrol2.0103hp76kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 APetrol2.1100hp74kw1975-1980
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 APetrol2.1107hp79kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 EPetrol2.1122hp90kw1974-1983
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 ETPetrol2.1155hp114kw1980-1985
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 FPetrol2.1109hp80kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 21 FTPetrol2.1165hp121kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 23 APetrol2.3112hp82kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 23 EPetrol2.3133hp98kw1984-1988
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 23 EPetrol2.3136hp100kw1980-1984
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 230 APetrol2.3110hp81kw1984-1986
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 230 EPetrol2.3131hp96kw1984-1985
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 230 FPetrol2.3113hp83kw1986-1987
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 230 FPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1993
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 230 KPetrol2.3115hp85kw1986-1988
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 27 EPetrol2.7141hp104kw1979-1980
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 28 APetrol2.8129hp95kw1981-1982
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)B 28 EPetrol2.8155hp114kw1980-1982
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)D 20Diesel2.068hp50kw1978-1980
VOLVO240 Kombi (P245)D 24Diesel2.482hp60kw1979-1993
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 27 APetrol2.7125hp92kw1976-1982
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 27 APetrol2.7126hp93kw1975-1979
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 27 EPetrol2.7140hp103kw1974-1980
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 27 EPetrol2.7148hp109kw1978-1982
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 27 FPetrol2.7148hp109kw1978-1982
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 28 APetrol2.8129hp95kw1980-1982
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)B 28 EPetrol2.8155hp114kw1980-1982
VOLVO260 (P262, P264)D 24Diesel2.483hp61kw1979-1981
VOLVO260 Coupe (P262)B 27 APetrol2.7126hp93kw1975-1979
VOLVO260 Coupe (P262)B 28 FPetrol2.8155hp114kw1979-1981
VOLVO260 Estate (P265)B 27 APetrol2.7126hp93kw1975-1979
VOLVO260 Estate (P265)B 27 EPetrol2.7140hp103kw1975-1982
VOLVO260 Estate (P265)B 27 FPetrol2.7148hp109kw1978-1982
VOLVO260 Estate (P265)B 28 FPetrol2.8155hp114kw1980-1982
VOLVO260 Estate (P265)D 24Diesel2.483hp61kw1979-1980