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Cable Seal

Art-Nr: 8645647

Supplier: VOLVO

Product info

Cables And Fuses
Item Number:
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5204 T5Petrol2.0180hp132kw2000-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5234 T3Petrol2.3239hp176kw2000-2004
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5234 T3Petrol2.3250hp184kw2000-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5234 T7Petrol2.3265hp195kw2000-2002
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 S2Petrol2.4140hp103kw2000-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 SG2Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.4140hp103kw2001-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 SGPetrol/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)2.4140hp103kw2001-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw2000-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw2001-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 T4Petrol2.4180hp132kw2005-2006
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5244 T5Petrol2.4260hp191kw2004-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5210hp154kw2002-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5210hp154kw2003-2010
VOLVOS60 I (384)B 5254 T4Petrol2.5300hp221kw2003-2010
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5204 T5Petrol2.0180hp132kw1999-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5234 T3Petrol2.3239hp176kw2002-2004
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5234 T3Petrol2.3250hp184kw1999-2004
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5234 T7Petrol2.3265hp195kw2000-2004
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5234 T8Petrol2.3265hp195kw2000-2004
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 S2Petrol2.4140hp103kw2000-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 SPetrol2.4170hp125kw2000-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 SG2Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.4140hp103kw2001-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 SGPetrol/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)2.4140hp103kw2001-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw1999-2003
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw2001-2002
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5244 T5Petrol2.4260hp191kw2004-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5209hp154kw2001-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5209hp154kw2002-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5211hp155kw2002-2004
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5211hp155kw2003-2007
VOLVOV70 II (285)B 5254 T4Petrol2.5300hp221kw2003-2007
VOLVOV70 XC (295)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw2000-2002
VOLVOV70 XC (295)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5209hp154kw2002-2007
VOLVOV70 XC (295)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5220hp162kw2002-2007
VOLVOV70 XC (295)D 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2005-2007
VOLVOV70 XC (295)D 5244 TDiesel2.4163hp120kw2002-2007
VOLVOXC70 CROSS COUNTRY (295)B 5244 T3Petrol2.4200hp147kw2000-2002
VOLVOXC70 CROSS COUNTRY (295)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5209hp154kw2002-2007
VOLVOXC70 CROSS COUNTRY (295)B 5254 T2Petrol2.5220hp162kw2002-2007
VOLVOXC70 CROSS COUNTRY (295)D 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2005-2007
VOLVOXC70 CROSS COUNTRY (295)D 5244 TDiesel2.4163hp120kw2002-2007